Romantic Novels New Releases

Romantic Novels New Releases.

Romantic Novels is the first of a series of Sites that we dedicated to novels and the people who trully love them.

Because we are huge consumers of books, and especially novels, of any kind.

We created this site, and all those who will follow, because we wand to share our passion with others.

We dedicate each one of our sites to one category of novels.

Of course, we do not write the books, nor are we affiliated with any editorial house.

We spend a lot of time online searching for new releases of new novels (not rereleases), and I present them to you, but without any critic on the quality of the book. So it is up to you to do that on the commentaries.

Speaking of which, in Romantic Novels New Releases, all the commentaries, positives or negatives, then will be published under the following conditions they are all :

  • written in English.
  • written in a respectful language.
  • relative to the book in question.

Can I plug my blog in one of the commentaries sections?

Well, that depends. If you write an honest respectful critic and you don’t exaggerate your posts with hundreds of them, yes you can.

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